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Dawn McGorty

I just received a $50 check today for answering your surveys. Thank you SOOOOOO much! I really appreciate it!

Tatiana Kuzmenko

What a surprise! Thanks a lot!  :)

Juell Fullner

I was shocked and very pleased to receive a check for $50 today! I think I even laughed out loud. Thanks for making my day a little brighter.

Carrie Faught

Thank you so much I was one of the winners for the random $50 drawing. i love doing the surveys. hope to continue getting them

Chelsie Maurer

Just got a $50 check in the mail for taking your survey. What a nice surprise! Thank you!

Christy Lane

Just received the $50 I won today!!! Thank You!!!

Krissy Boyd

Thank you so much, I was one of the random winner's of the $50!!!

Tambitha Fults-Kight

I went to get the mail and received the $50 check from you. It made my day! Thank you!

Winter Hope Gaggley

i just got a 50$ check for doing survey thanks =-D

Mallory Baird

I just want to say thank you so much for the $50 I couldn't believe it when I got the mail today and saw!! I am so happy I won and I would love to do more survery's for you so just keep sending them!!! Thanks again it made my day!!!!

Kisty Yeldell

omg omg i won 50 bucks thanks soo much i really need diapers for my baby !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emily Grace Blaisdell

I just received your check for being a random prize winner b/c I have always taken your surveys and I just wanted to thank you so much for this. I was totally shocked and pleasantly surprised and I am very appreciative. So thank you again and I hope my opinions have helped in your cause

Ashley Wallar

I was one of your prize winnings for $50.00. ( Ive heard alot of ladies say to not respond to yall). Whats up with that. Oh and im moving soon. How do i change my address so u can send surveys there

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